Paleo Diet

If you’re going to consume the paleo, a diet dating back to thousands of years ago. Then you might as well know the things not paleo. Stop eating all grains, soy and dairy products, refined sugar and all other processed foods. You could instead, eat seeds, nuts, berries, and vegetables etc. This may sound strange to you but this also helps to lose weight and boosts health and energy. However, it is pertinent to note some background and interesting paleo diet facts.

Read the below six interesting & amazing paleo diet facts, that you will be surprised to know:

It’s high in protein

Paleo diet has a single issue of protein. It is highly dependent on animal protein. However you must always remember that dieting systems need customization because of the uniqueness of diet conditions.

Also endeavor to stay away from bacon and pork. These two are the unhealthiest of meats to consume. Although the protein and other nutrients contained in paleo diets are at adequate and body-required quantities. And the diet doesn’t enforce any macronutrient split, with ample flexibility to adjust and customize your diet based on what works for you.

There Isn’t “One” Specific Paleo Diet

The times before man’s civilization, humans obtained food through hunting, fishing and gathering wild foods. Using homemade tools and implements. That era saw man eat whatever he found in the bush. A time classified to be between 2.5 million years and ending about 10,000 years ago. Although man’s taste, location and food availability has changed a lot so here isn’t one specific group of foods that Paleolithic were eating.

Paleo diets enthusiasts claim it to be the nutrition most closely suited for man’s biologic design and configuration.

Quit sugar

Paleo diets are sugarless foods. Sugary drinks and foods have the most calories and soft drinks have a high concentration of preservatives that are unhealthy for the body.

Also inclusive are fruit juices which can be shelved for more than six months. There’s no way it can be intact till then. However, when you need juicing, get into the kitchen and make some fruit juice. Cavemen may not have known agriculture the way we do now but they consumed for fruits.


Paleo diet permits the consumption of alcoholic beverages albeit in moderation. However this does not have any historical backing as there is no supporting claim in the historical records of Paleolithic diets.

Another shortcoming

Quite discouraging is the elimination of entire food groups by paleo diets thereby restricting variety and makes eating a balanced diet a difficult task. Make sure to avoid nutrient-dense foods like oats, rice, soybeans, and corn etc.

No connection with age

Yeah, you heard me. Paleo diet has non influence on age. Quite notable is the longest living people living in the world who are not paleo consumers. They consume predominantly cereal grain or starch. There has been a lot of positive reports about paleo diet including its protein sources but most of the study of paleo diets are isolated studies, testimonials and anecdotes.

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